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All good things

This week it’s all about the good things.

This week I am choosing to be humbled by the resilience of human beings, their desire to help and uplift others, their inextinguishable drive to connect, but also their ability to embrace solitude.

This week then, I’ve decided to share a list of the things that have made me feel good in recent days. In no particular order other than number 1, which I put at the top of the list because you must, must, must check it out.

I’m not going to sugar coat it my friends, there were real tears by the end of this one. This absolutely heartwarming video of John Krasinski’s SGN (Some Good News) network just did me in. It reminds me that there is power in simply doing nice things for people.

This was a nice piece not just because of the title subject, but because of the beautiful images it conveys of nature for those of us who may be missing it a little.

Because the usual March Sweet 16 did not happen this year, my colleague decided to send my team a substitute. It led to an adorable discussion of our favorites and how we got our hands on them.

Mine, if you care to know, is Star Crunch, which my mom used to hide to ensure they didn’t disappear before she got the opportunity to indulge…although sometimes, I confess, they still did anyway.

4. Hanging out

I know I am not alone in my increased utilization of video chats right now because while it’s not the real thing, it’s gosh darn close. I’ve hung out with friends on a Friday night, caught up with siblings, and even received my first call from my nephew on his own phone. I’ve also heard of others “having dinner together” or making recipes together.

5. Cross-stitch

I pulled out a project started over 20 years ago now - no exaggeration - and I’m close enough to completion that I’ve already ordered my next one: a cross-stitch Christmas stocking which is something I’ve always wanted to do. Can’t wait to receive it in the mail!

6. The New York Times

I feel like I say it all the time, but maybe you haven’t heard it yet: The New York Times is saving my life. The morning briefing they put together feels like the sanest way to read the news right now. I stay informed, but I don’t get overwhelmed.

Plus there’s more than one non-news item on this list that I was led to via their suggestion and they’re offering a lot of what would usually be paid articles for free.

7. Gothic, CO

I thoroughly enjoyed this little profile of the lone inhabitant of Gothic, CO and his tips on how to live in solitude come at a rather welcome time for sure.

8. Disney+

O.M.G. I cannot say enough. From live-action movies like The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins, to all the animation - Snow White, the 90s revival, Pixar - to the Marvel universe, to Star Wars, to stunning nature films, and more. It’s happiness in my living room for about $7 a month.

The idea of pen pals is such a great one anyway, but connecting these unlikely pairs I especially love. I can’t help but think of all they can learn from each other.

10. You

A little note of appreciation here to close us out.

I’ve found it difficult to write recently for various reasons, but the exception has been this blog. Even if it’s just a few hours every week, it gives me a reason to collect my thoughts and write them down, which is for some reason the equivalent of a tonic for me.

And the fact that anyone at all would take their precious time to read the result - well let’s just say I’m honored. So thank you for that from the bottom of my heart. And from the bottom of my heart, I hope you stay well and take care of yourselves.

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