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Just a quick note

For those who have come to rely on my Sunday helping of deep thought delivered with a healthy side of wit and charm (ha!), I’m so sorry to disappoint as my days this week have been nothing short of filled to the brim with work, work, work.

As such, I have intentionally stayed away from the things that normally get my wheels turning, i.e., the news or really any transmission from the outside world including books, and thus my mind is a virtual blank!

Just kidding, actually. It’s not that my mind is a blank, it’s more like it’s being fully and otherwise engaged. Funnily enough, it’s primarily with other writing projects. And I’m having such a blast.

Work isn’t always this way, of course, and as previously noted I’ve given way too much to it at times for sure, but when I’m doing work I’m excited to do and when I give myself the space for it to ebb and flow, I’m reminded of what an important part of a satisfying life it is.

It’s all about balance.

And I’m not one of those who gets all hung up about the use of the word balance in this context as so many seem to do over the concept of “work-life balance.”

Balance doesn’t have to mean equal; that is, this concept is not advocating for an equal time spent working and otherwise life-ing. That would be kind of crazy to even attempt, and for me, given the inconsistent nature of the amount of work I have to do, especially unrealistic.

Balance can also mean mental and emotional steadiness. Which I think is perfectly achievable even in the busy times once you accept that to really relax and relish your downtime (read: stop without guilt) allows you store up energy to be called upon when you need it.

And with that quick food for thought, it’s back to work for me.

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